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  • Modular designs software, suit for different application
  • Using Object-Oriented Programming, expedites client software development time
  • Multi-language support
  • Wide selections of communication interface and parameter setting
  • Access Control Management System
  • Cardholder information management, with photo capture and query.
  • Cardholder authorization setting allows users to easily set access authorization by door group.
  • User-defined card number, access authorization and card validity.
  • Anti-passback setting.
  • Holiday setting.
  • Provide 128 time schedules and 200 holiday schedule per year.
  • Download all or download modified data for a more efficient data transmission
  • Allows to set fixed holiday dates
  • Settable Mifare keys to all Mifare readers at a time
  • Provides time calibration for access controllers or time attendance recorders according to different time zones
  • Events monitor and alarm event report.
  • Access records query and report generation.
  • Schedule Setup

  • Scheduled different operation modes in specific time.
  • Schedule setup included:
     1.Export records setup:User-define export path and column.
     2.Synchronization:Synchronize to all controllers or specific controllers.
     3.Backup setting.
     4.First-last records export for time and attendance used.
  • Elevator Management
  • Maximum attempts to trigger re-swipe card alarm function supported; System ceases operation and enters security mode upon reaching max failed access attempts.
  • Ignores invalid card swipes
  • Saves access authorization within Mifare card thereby supporting unlimited cardholders.
  • Configurable accessible floor and time
  • Elevator access records query and report generation
  • Parking Management
  • Full control of parking barrier to ensure smooth traffic flow on entry and exit.
  • Anti-passback setting, prevents multiple entry using a single card
  • Diversified time schedules for parking control
  • Car access records query and report generation
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Flexible management of employee's records.
  • Friendly operation and quick setup of shift schedules
  • User-defined work hours, work schedules, work shifts etc.
  • Export function supported for immediate calculation of employee's time attendance records.
  • Employee's time & attendance query and report generation
  • Patrol Management
  • Patrol schedule and routes setting
  • Patrol Duty Status Setting.
  • Checkpoint events query and report generation

    ※ Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.