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  • HCMS is modular design and work with HAMS (Access Management System) closed which integrate with other systems for wide range applications. HAMS includes access control, elevator management, time and attendance management, parking management and patrol management. Through parameter settings of HCMS, system may activate capture function and provide query records
  • HCMS supports various surveillance equipments (IP CAM, DVR, NVR, and Video Server), it provides end-users more flexibility applications. (Kindly contact with our sales for surveillance equipment information)

  • Camera Configuration
  • .Camera Name Setup
    .Camera Channel Setup
    .Corresponding Setup
    .Capture-Image Path Setup
    .Return Signal Setup
    .Image Converting Setup

  • Capture-image Records Inquiry
  • .Search by cardholder name, department, event, device name, employee number, card number, duty shift, door name and date duration.
    .Inquiry screen is with cardholder information and photo.
    .Re-accrued Function.
  • Parking Management
  • .Full control of parking barrier to ensure smooth traffic flow on entry and exit.
    .Anti-passback setting, prevents multiple entry using a single card
    .Diversified time schedules for parking control
    .Car access records query and report generation
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • .Flexible management of employee's records.
    .Friendly operation and quick setup of shift schedules
    .User-defined work hours, work schedules, work shifts etc.
    .Export function supported for immediate calculation of employee's time attendance records.
    .Employee's time & attendance query and report generation。
  • Modular designs software, suit for different application
  • Using Object-Oriented Programming, expedites client software development time
  • Multi-language support
  • Wide selections of communication interface and parameter setting
  • Access Control Management System
  • Cardholder information management, with photo capture and query.
  • Cardholder authorization setting allows users to easily set access authorization by door group or department.
  • User-defined card number, access authorization and card validity.
  • Holiday setting.
  • Provide 256 time schedules and 100 holiday schedule per year.
  • Download all or download modified data for a more efficient data transmission.
  • Events monitor and alarm event report.
  • Access records query and report generation.
  • Elevator Management
  • Maximum attempts to trigger re-swipe card alarm function supported; System ceases operation and enters security mode upon reaching max failed access attempts.
  • Ignores invalid card swipes.
  • Saves access authorization within Mifare card thereby supporting unlimited cardholders.
  • Controls up to 160 floors per elevator (HDE-200/200N).
  • Provide 128 time schedules per elevator.
  • Configurable accessible floor and time.
  • Elevator access records query and report generation.

    ※ Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.