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  • Modular designs software
  • Modular designs software, control different application in a same platform.
  • Provide wide expansion for current and future operation.
  • Base on different customers’ demands, provide customized combination and provide more advantages with customers.
  • Support standalone operation.
  • Multi-function application, provide cheaper but complete program.
  • Using Object-Oriented Programming, expedites client software development time

  • Programmed in Visual Studio .NET C# , object-oriented program design for flexible software customization.
  • Capable of meeting different user requirements.
  • Special modular design, support 3rd party integration.
  • Access database, easy and quick installation. Support users in developing different database.

  • Multi-language support
  • .Use XML as a multi language switching data format to provide a customized development and design tool
    .Provide multi-language tool, shorten compose time
    .Provide flexible wording which base on different countries’ demands.

  • Wide selections of communication interface and parameter setting.
  • .Support communication via RS-232, RS-485 or TCP/IP.
    .Synchronization function and parameter setting.
    .Check Card No status setting.
    .Audio Prompt adjustment.
    .Retrieve Valid code setting
    .Support daylight saving time, suit for global country.
    .Support six different duty shifts and allow users define it.
    .Duty time switch table.
    .Re-swipe card check time setting.
    .Support simple access control function.
    .Allow users define fingerprint authentication mode.
    .Siren Timetable
    .Different LCD display mode.
  • Schedule Setup
  • .Scheduled different operation modes in specific time. .Schedule setup included:
    .Export records setup:User-define export path and column.
    .Synchronization:Synchronize to all controllers or specific controllers.
    .Backup setting.
    .First-last records export for time and attendance used.

    ※ Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.