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LM-280S Electromagnetic Lock

Lock Body Dimensions


Holding Force


Input Voltage

DC 12V or DC 24V

Current consumption

DC 12V/300mA, DC 24V/150mA

Suitable for door type

Wooden door, Glass Door, Metal door,
Fireproof door

Control Mode

Power to Lock

Bond sensor

Indicates the door locking status
(locked / unlocked)

Special Design

no residual magnetism, sturdy and durable

Product Photo


LM-280ZL L&Z bracket for Electromagnetic

Dimensions :

Z: 180L×50W×50H(mm)
L: 250L×47W×28H(mm)

For model :

LM-280 Electromagnetic Lock

Suitable for
door type :

In-swing wooden door, Metal door

Door-open way :

In-swing wooden door, Metal door, Narrow frame door

Surface finish :

Glitter silver ,sandblastinng high-strength aluminum
alloy, sturdy and durable


※ Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.