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  • Adopts the unique finger vein pattern to have the high security verification. Forgery is extremely difficult.
  • Uses the near infrared rays to capture the live-body finger vein pattern inside the body. The verification won't be influenced even though the user has scratched ,dry or cracked skin. Have a extremely high secure and stable identification
  • Dual Finger Vein and Mifare card verification, with 1:1 authentications.
  • Quick and accurate finger vein verification, supports 1:1 authentication & 1:N identification.
  • Conforms to ISO 14443-A, support MIFARE/CPU card.
  • Unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key value.
  • Supports to download the finger vein pattern by TCP/IP interface.
  • With stylish design, easily installation, suits for various sites.
  • With casing tampers proof detection, an alarm will be sent when reader being damaged.
  • With protected design of discharging static electricity to ensure that transmission won't be disturbed.
  • With error data self-verification function to ensure transmitted data being correct.
  • With self-detection and watchdog function to secure system free from halting.
  • Read Format

    Mifare -1 (13.56MHz)

    Read Range

    3-5 cm

    Finger Vein Capacity

    6000 users capacity ( two finger vein pattern per person )

    Input Port

    Case sensor x 1 ( tamper-proof )

    Identification Mode

    1:1 / 1:N

    Identification Time

    1:1 <= 1sec ; 1:100 <= 2sec


    <=0.0000067% (1 / 15 million ) * Note 1


    <=0.01% (1 / 10,000) * Note 1

    LED Indicator

    Power / Status.

    Beep Tone

    Buzzer x 1 and alarm x 1

    ID Setting

    Setting by TCP/IP

    Power Input

    DC12V / 1.5A

    Current Consumption

    1.5 A (max.)

    Comm. Interface

    RS-485 / TCP/IP

    Comm. Baudrate

    19200bps-N-8-1 / TCP/IP: 10/100M

    Operating Temp.

    -20° C ~ 50° C / -4° F ~ 122° F

    Relative Humidity

    20% ~ 80%(Non-condensing)


    137mm(L)x 75mm(W)x 91mm(H)


    ※ Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.