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Taipei bus station improves management with Hundure

The Uni-President BOT Bus Station in Taipei has recently adopted access control solutions from Hundure to improve management efficiency and to ensure passenger safety.
The BOT bus station building , developed by Taiwan Uni-President group and Taipei City government, is designed to accommodate business offices on the upper floors and the bus station on the first floor of the building, and the aim is to achieve convenience and save space in the crowded urban environment.
Hundure specialises in new technological developments and system integration design. For the requirements of this project, the Hundure solution includes access control, elevator control and a patrol control system, as well as further integration with the Siemens’s BA system. Access control is used at general door entrances to rooms and offices within the entire building, as well as in the driver’s lounge, cash room and other rooms of the bus company.

One of the benefits of an integrated solution is that lights at the bus station can be controlled plus control of the door locks of doors can be achieved via the Siemens’s BA HMI system. The Siemens' system uses the OPC server to exchange the data between its BA HMI and the Hundure access control devices. The access control system will perform automatically with the bus time schedule and can feedback the real time status to the BA’s HMI system.

The design solution includes a special access control application that handles the massive passenger numbers passing through the gates. As it is integrated with the bus time schedule, when a bus is scheduled to depart, its on-duty bus driver can swipe his card to open the gate for passengers that have bought tickets for the bus, allowing them to pass through the gate and board the bus. At the same time, the information will be updated and sent back to the main PC at the bus centre. The information includes which driver's card has been used, when the gate is opened, how many passengers were counted through the gate, and which gate was not closed according to the schedule, and so on. In this way the bus station managment can easily supervise and manage the events and logistics of the operation.