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Access Control System of Bank Safe Deposit Box

Overview :
Provide multiple services have been an important project for Bank. The safe deposit box business will be one of project to bring fixed customer. How to protect valuables properly and provide a safe, secret and convenient environment to customer. It is a main point to Bank. So the access control system of safe deposit box should consider the safety and convenience of management and make customers feel safe, fast and convenient.
1. The access control system is embedded into original bank system. Bank staffs are not need to go to familiar the access control system. Customers may apply a safe box from Registration  Issuers  Permissions Opened. The operations are same with before and convenient. 2. Reader may provide tips to customers to introduce the correct operation steps. And to monitor the CCTV is To open safe deposit box, in order to 3. If customer is arrear or limit himself to open safe deposit box, after swipe card, the reader may display message. 4. System may save detail access records for staff inquiry.
1. Update customer data and change access authorization automatically 2. Built-in multi message prompt to customers. It may remind customer operating procedures. 3. Access records are retrieval and save into database immediately for quick queries. 4. Provide remote emergency open door function and escape way.

Product: GCU Access Control Panel Access control reader, model PXR-94MSKL and PXR-92MSL