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Hundure launches power saving solutions

In the interests of energy saving and carbon reduction, Hundure is releasing power saving solutions HEMS & ECU-680 PM, to meet the growing market demands.
The solution has been successfully installed and running in several universities, hotels and other business sites where power is often wasted yet unnoticed. How much power can be saved? According to one actual example in a classroom of a national university in Taiwan, the power saving figures have been quite impressive.

The classroom had a total power comsumption of 1400W per hour generated from 13 fluorescent tube lamps. Before the power saving solution was installed, the power consumption over 12 hours from 8:00am to 9:30pm was around 16800W per day. After the installation of Hundure's power saving solution, the power consumption in the classroom dropped down to around 9800W per day. Due to the actual quantity of devices being used in any classroom during any given day, the power consumption data will of course vary from day to day but the figures certainly give an interesting result.

The ECU-680PM is a standalone controller which can work independently or can be connected to a PC working with the HEMS-68 software. If connected with their RLY-66, the system will be able to further control other facilities in the viscinity such as air conditioning, lights, projectors and other powered devices. In addition, an input sensor is provided for use with an infrared detector to detect the ambient status of the room, which will turn off the RLY-66 automatically in the case where there are no users inside the room.

HEMS-68 is the software used to help with system settings and authorisation levels, instead of downloading all data to the controller. The power off time and power off warning time after removing the card are programmable. In addition, users are allowed to set a time schedule by user or department group and also to set expiry dates or delete an authorisation.