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The student safe and secure educational environment

TMU founded in 1960, it is one of the world's top 100 universities in medicine. The campus is located in the new urban center of the flourishing district. Taipei 101 is just a short distance away. This University has 12 departments and 23 graduate institutes, the total number of faculty and staff members surpass 2000, and there are over 6000 students as well.
The University complex, consisted of main headquarter building and several

annexes, facilitated over 8000 students and faculty members on the daily bases. To ensure the safe and secure educational environment, the administrators looked for a solution that will prohibit the access of solicitors and other unauthorized personnel into the classroom and office area. In addition, they required a legitimate security solution to product the high priced equipment such as computers, laboratory, medicine instruments and etc.

Hundure distributor has implemented a campus-wide security solution, which efficiently coped with the university's security issues. The newly access control system managed to eliminate all the unauthorized entries into the particular areas. TMU is integrated Easycard as student identification card and access card. All entrance of building were installed turnstiles and Hundure RAC-960PM was embedded into every turnstile, when card is authorized by the reader, the user may operate turnstile. By the way, RAC-960PM supports 256 time schedules; the administrators may easy assign different access time to authorized students.