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Bangladesh business relies on Hundure biometric solution

Wellpac, a plastic bag manufacturer in Bangladesh, has recently enhanced its Hundure fingerprint time and attendance system with a new model to improve management of about 300 employees at Munshigonj and Dhaka factories.

Wellpac (Bangladesh) established in September 2001 has two branches in Bangladesh with an estimated 500 staff nationwide. The company contacted Netplanet Information Systems Ltd., an authorised Hundure distributor, to discuss their requirements and solution options.

Wellpac clearly expressed that they wanted a new solution from Hundure for the efficient management of checking staff attendance at both factories. This requirement includes obtaining staff information from all departments in both branches and managing all records from one single platform. With this in mind, Netplanet proposed a Hundure solution that includes several units of the new HTA-860PEF recorders installed throughout their facilities.

The top-managements of Wellpac have been very satisfied with the Hundure solution, as, according to the company it has exactly met their requirements. The installation of biometric time and attendance systems at Wellpac adds to the growing list of successful Hundure technology projects.