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Vietnam stores improve efficiency with Hundure solution

One of the well-known Pho chain stores across Vietnam has recently adopted Hundure HTA-860 to manage employee attendance.

Vietnamese Pho is a very popular Vietnamese noodle soup and is the specialty of a number of restaurant chains across the country. The project currently includes 35 units of the HTA-860 installed in the first phase of this project and more units will be implemented later of the year.

The HTA-860 is a professional time attendance recorder. The device is of a slim and stylish design and is equipped with sensitive touch keypads with blue LCD backlighting. According to Hundure, its elegant appearance and friendly intuitive design are appealing to many clients. The LCD panel on the unit displays information of time, date, weekday, cardholder name, card number and shift schedules when a card is sensed. The simple sensitive touch keypad gives a feeling of luxury, totally different from most other traditional keypads. The device is compliant to IP65 standards, allowing the unit to perform well in all weather conditions if installed in an outdoor environment.

The software HTMS-86 possesses a friendly interface allowing for the administrators to become familiar immediately with the system with zero learning curve. The easy TCP/IP settings enable the running of multiple HTA-860 units at different locations all under a single project that can be managed by a single central management system over the internet.

For applications where there is a need to integrate access control with other system or devices, Hundure provides HAMS to allow complete integration with access control, time attendance recorder, lift control, parking control and fingerprint device control in one solution. With the HAMS solution, all devices can be easily combined into one system for various project sizes and demands.