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PCB factory solves security problem with Hundure solution

To avoid time & attendance issues and to increase the level of security, a PCB factory in China has chosen the RAC-852PEFV finger vein access controller from Hundure to replace their old access controller systems.

Apcb Inc., has branches in Taiwan, China and Thailand; each factory has an average of around 3000-5000 employees. At the China branch, although there were already access controllers installed, the factory manager discovered that many employees used other peoples cards with higher authorisation levels to access the entrance door.

Since this situation was discovered, the company changed the access system to a fingerprint controller, and still the factory manager found that employees were making artificial fingerprints from the internet to fake their access time for work.

The Hundure RAC-852PEF finger vein access controller uses high security biometrics technology, which takes the blood-flow pattern in the finger vein from a living human being to get individual authorisation. Authorisation is achieved simply by holding a finger close to the non-contact sensor, and it works by passing near-infrared light to capture an image of the vein patterns inside of fingerprint lines. It avoids potential problems that might have been caused by cuts, dry skin, scars, and other factors in the past.

According to the company, this new generation of finger vein sensor features excellent fraud detection capabilities. The stability and environmental resistance of the finger vein access control solution provides superior advantages with higher security than many others on the market.