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Hundure Touch keypad Controller design are Popular in Multinational Market

HUNDURE has released a great stylish, fashionable, sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight, RAC-960. It was born by worldwide customers expectation, now RAC-960 is TOP1 hot selling Access Controller in the whole world.

HUNDURE is one of the very few companies in the industry capable of providing well-designed integrated system products prevailingly adopted on a number of remarkable projects for years. Hundure’s commitment is not only to provide simple, reliable and stable quality units but also designs fashionable controller.
RAC-960 has been successfully installed in NEC global branch office. This is like as smart phone unit also installed running in universities, hotels and other business sites. It Provides completed access control functions. Supports by standalone or software setting. For enter modes, support swipe card and swipe card with pin codes. Casing tamper proof detection and door tampers alarm to avoid anybody destroys. When door opened in the emergency, RAC-960 will send signal to control center at the same time for tracing and rescue. Able to connect external slave reader, And support anti-pass back to every single door. SDK is provided to customers to develop localized AP.

HCMS also supports RAC-960 to integrate with SOME FAMOUS CCTV BRAND system, when user swipes his access card or the system is triggered by an event of alerts, the HCMS system will call a camera to take video or snap shot and send to the CCTV system to record the access and events. HUNDURE always thinks much more than others and insists the best strict quality control.That’s why HUNDURE is well- known in global important factors.