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Improving security and efficiency with fingerprint terminals across EASECOX

EASECOX is the Taiwan-based international beauty and slimming professionals group. It was founded in 1988, and now has over 15 global branches including in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia with more than 300 employees. Up to now, EASECOX has helped countless women to create gorgeous bodylines and natural health.

In order to manage 300 employees working at various locations, the HR division of EASECOX relied upon RF card-based authentication for its access control and time & attendance system. The division ran into a number of challenges while trying to efficiently manage the workforce due to issues related to the nature of RF-based systems. The card-based system had increasing cost issues due to lost or stolen cards. While replacement cards required monetary and time resources that added to the inefficiency, the biggest issue came with card sharing by employees. Card sharing resulted in 'Buddy Punching' which led to manipulation of time & attendance records by the employees. Also it opened the door to possible card duplication and security threats by unauthorized access to secure protected areas with a stolen identity.

Hundure's local partner has presented the solution of implementing biometrics into the access control and time & attendance system to overcome the issues. By using biometrics, the system is able to benefit from the advantages of true identity and prevent unwanted behavior such as buddy punching. Biometrics can't be lost or copied and the security is significantly improved by truly identifying all those that authenticate through the system.