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Chengdu regional goverment manages access with Hundure solution

The Chengdu Municipal People Government has recently adopted the Hundure e-Nitor solution to provide an access control system, time attendance system, lift control system, patrol system and fire alarm interlink system for its newly-built seven modern office buildings.

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province in China. It is one of the most important economic, transportation, and communication centres in Western China.The seven new modern buildings have shaped up to be of a contemporary design and have provided a more efficient look to the city. The agent appointed by the government was required to build an access control system in these new buildings to include only one access card for all their needs, including access control, time attendance, lift control, patrol and also the fire alarm interlink system.
At the project, the Hundure e-Nitor solution was proposed to work with different controllers to support up to 4500 doors and 50 lifts for floor management. The 30-door controller, NCU-3001, works as a main controller and connects with smart learning type readers to make the system user friendly and even more advanced.
As a one card system was requested to work for all, each building has its sub-system to manage each respective access control system, lift control system, graphic control system, time attendance system and patrol system. All sub-system events / records can be retrieved back to the central system for centralised management.
The implementation of the Hundure e-Nitor smart management system at the Chengdu Municipal Government office buildings was completed to the satisfaction of the users and was succesful in creating a secure, convenient and efficient working environment for all concerned.