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Corporation / Factory

Security & employee time management are crucial to all corporations / factories & chain stores. We closely work with the business owner or security management teams to meet their demands to protect...more

Campus / Education

Campus security is getting more and more imperative. How to enhance the security to protect the students and faculty is turning to a challenge to campus management. How to prevent theft, intruder, ....more



we understand the things that your community needs the most, such as door access control, public facilities access control, community patrol, security guard scheduling control , elevator control, parking control, ....more

Financial / Banking

The banking and finance sector always not only care about physical security and access control management but also have to consider the organization has numerous branches across the country that employees ....more


Government projects could be a large scale that needs to serve hundreds of thousands of users; or need to be integrated with other solutions for a total project requirements based on one card service....more

Public Utilities

Utility companies are always required to have a more strict security plan and after-sales maintenance. A variety of requirements & integrations are necessary for different kinds of state-run public utilities.....more