QR Code Access Controller | Hundure | RAC-971-QM

Hundure RAC-971QM QR Code Access Controller~

Just “scan” to access - Mobile access facilitates your life!

RAC-971QM can read QR Code and NFC (Android only) on Smarphone, which can be used as mobile access badges to unlock door. Mobile access badges can work alongside, extend or replace traditional RFID access credentials, providing a contactless solution. Mobile access is also very convenient to use, suiting the environments of the mobile-first workforce. It is ideal for applications where mitigating the spread of germs and limiting the contact infection risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

RAC-971QM accepts Static QR Code and Dynamic QR Code. Dynamic QR Code can work as a credential for a tamporary and time-limited access, which delives higher security than Static QR Code. It removes the security risk of credential copy, since a screen copy, photo copy, or even a video recording of the dynamic QR code will not work.

Access credentials on smartphones are an affordable replacement for plastic cards that reduce the waste and improve the convenience of use.


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