Hundure HAC-710 Strip Mullion Access Controller Series

HUNDURE HAC-710 Strip Mullion Access Controller Series

How narrow is the HAC-710 enclosure? It is only 4.5 cm wide and allowed be perfectly fitted on door frame or in tight spaces!

HAC-710 is a stand-alone access controller with novel and unique appearance, convenient and fast operation, and provides a cost-effective choice for high-security applications. Not only does the HAC-710 pay attention to detail and performance, its slim body design is suitable for installation in glass or aluminum door frames, blending into most architectural and interior design environments. Only 4.5cm wide, the controller is ideal for elevators, sliding doors or electronic doors with narrow frames, and where you want to install a standard wall-mounted controller but don't have enough space.

The HAC-710 can control entry and exit from a single access point in a facility, as well as accommodate up to 20,000 cardholders and 40,000 event records. Allow stand-alone operation to add or delete access card authorations. In addition, it can be easily integrated into existing legacy access control systems and is also compatible with new system installations. This smart access controller is widely used in commercial and industrial fields such as offices, apartments, markets, laboratories, warehouses, factories, etc.

The controller is able to read 125KHz EM cards or 13.56MHz Mifare cards. The keypad HAC-710K series is equipped with a 12-key keypad and high-quality LED backlight, which looks high-tech and modern, and is very convenient for you to operate in the dark.

In addition, the HAC-710-WR series adopts a fully encapsulated design with a protection IP rating of IP65, which has superior durability and can meet a wide range of outdoor and indoor application scenarios.

Ideal for access control, the Hunudre HAC-710 series offers excellent performance with high quality, durability, aesthetics and ease of installation. It creates a smart and superior safe space for you.

** We provide the fingerprint version of HAC-710F narrow mullion fingerprint access controller series for your choice!

Key features of HAC-710 Access Controller Series

  • 4.5cm narrow mullion profile is pretty suitable for installing on door frame or in tight space.
  • Supports EM (125KHz) card or Mifare (13.56MHz) card.
  • Built-in TCP/IP communication interface for connecting to PC.
  • Equipped with a 12-key keypad with white backlight.
  • Supports 20,000 cardholders and 40,000 events.
  • Supports remote door unlock.
  • IP65 rated ingress protection, suitable to install indoor and outdoor environments. (HAC-710-WR)
  • Wide range of operating temperature to meet the requirements of tropical or frigid zone climate environment.
  • Watchdog function secures system free from halting.
  • Unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key value. (Mifare model)
  • Conforms to ISO 14443A; supporting MIFARE card. (Mifare model)


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