Hundure “Mini” Infrared Exit Button

Hundure “Mini” Infrared Exit Button

HPB-C2A "Contactless" Infrared Exit Button – IP65 waterproof and flush mount design, miniature and compact, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation!

HPB-C2 Exit Button uses infrared sensing "touchless" method to sense for door unlocking. Just place your hand lightly in front of HPB-C2, when an object is detected, the door can be unlocked. It is unnecessary to "touch", which can reduce the risk of touching infection. Supports IP65 protection, it can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Key features of HPB-C2 Infrared Exit Button

  • Small and flush mounted design is attractive and aesthetics.
  • Adopts the contactless Infrared to detect the objects. Within the infrared sensing range, when the object is detected, the relay will be triggered to release the electric lock.
  • User-friendly design for user’s intuitive recognition.
  • Under standby mode, the blue light is on. Whenever an object being detected, the light will change from blue to green.
  • Support IP65 rated ingress protection.


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