Hundure HDE-120 Elevator Control Panel Robust Building Security

Hundure HDE-120 Elevator Control Panel Robust Building Security

Restrict Access Up To 96 Floors!

HDE-120 is a modularization, parameterization and high scalability panel for elevator access control management. It is designed to heighten security by restricting unauthorized use of the elevator. Each HDE-120 allows to connect 2 card readers with Wiegand or RS-485 interface. Floor access can be restricted based on various user credentials read by card readers, including fingerprints, proximity cards, passwords, QR codes, Bluetooth and other biometrics.

HDE-120 has built-in 32 relays for 32 floor control. When there are more than 32 floors in a building need to be controlled, MCU-0016 floor extension board can satisfy an additional floor control. Each MCU-0016 can restrict access up to an additional 16 floors. A single HDE-120 can support up to 4 sets of MCU-0016. When combining together, a total 96 floors can be controlled.

The control panel has the feature for connecting with fire detection, emergency (call-for-help) button, out-of-service button and maintenance button which can be linked to alarm or strobe devices. When a fire or some emergencies happens, it will automatically release all floor controls shortly to evacuate all employees or visitors.

HDE-120 Elevator Control Panel provide customers with the most secured, scalable, versatile and affordable access control solutions.

System Architecture

Key features of HDE-120 Elevator Control Panel

  • Built-in TCP/IP & RS-485 communication interfaces for connecting to PC
  • Supports 100,000 cardholders and 30,000 events
  • Built-in 32 relays for 32 floor control; Expandable to connect MCU-0016 x 4 to control 64 floors
  • Supports to control 96 floors in total for each elevator
  • Supports to connect Wiegand (or RS-485) readers x 2 for each elevator
  • Provides 3 sensor inputs for fire signal detection or maintenance button, out-of-service button and emergency button.
  • Provides 3 relays for connecting blacklist / Emergency alarm, maintenance strobe or out-of-service strobe
  • Automatically release all floor controls for free access once a fire signal is detected
  • Built-in flash memory, data can be saved more than 1 year after power off.
  • Built-in RTC battery, Real-Time-Clock will keep operating for 1 year after power off.
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) and Watchdog function ensure accurate date/time and system free from halting.


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