Time & Attendance 001

Time & Attendance 001

HTA-820 /830 /840 display ERR message

ERR0>> Cannot save invalid card
ERR1>> Re-swipe of card within a limited time prohibited
ERR2>> Card number contains non-numeric character under compression mode.
ERR3>> Cannot overwrite, memory full
ERR4>> Memory buffer 100% full
Bad1>> Flash valid card area damage
Bad2>> Flash swiped card area damage
Bad3>> SDRAM damage
Bad4>> Bad sector record area damage
Bad5>> Flash erase fail(EF)
Bad6>> Flash fail
Bad7>> Flash fail
Full>> Memory buffer 90% full

Is HTA-860PXF/RAC-960PxF/HTA-852PxF support IN and Out with finger?

Please install two controller/recorder for IN and OUT.
Wiring: Inside machine is installing as usually. Kindly refer to hardware manual.
Outside machine does not need connect with lock; please connect push button contacts of outside machine with lock relay contacts of inside machine. (The contacts of push button and lock relay of machine, please refer to hardware manual respectively.)

There are many devices, HTA-860PXF/RAC-960PxF/HTA-852PxF, how to upload fingerprint templates from A machine to B machine?

Please enroll finger in A machine and retrieve all fingerprint templates from A machine to HAMS. And go to download page to upload all fingerprint templates to other machines.



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