Skyscraper Elevator Floor Control Panel

Skyscraper Elevator Floor Control Panel

EEE electronics was established in March 1975 and became a public listed company in 1998. It’s one of the leading networking companies with over 2,000 employees. For business growth and expansion, they bought a new skyscraper building with 88 floors and 4 parking lots. In order to enhance the security, they were looking for a state-of-the-art security solution for their access control, floor control and parking control in the new building.

There are over 400 access points, 12 elevators and 4 parking lots that need to be controlled. The floor control is really imperative in this project because many employees work in the building and many business partner come to visit them quite often. If a fire or some emergencies happens, the system has to release all floor controls shortly to evacuate all employees or visitors. For visitor cards, they have to be restricted to access the particular floors only. The authorizations of holiday or weekend time schedules are required as well. The system need to have emergency (call-for-help) button, out-of-service button and maintenance button and being linked to related strobe or alarm.

For access control, they required the access control has to be TCP/IP interface, multi-door control panel and supports centralized management. The lunch break period has to be free access. If the door left open, or forced open or opened under duress, the alarms have to be triggered. The system has to prevent a card holder from passing their card back to a second person to gain entry into the same controlled area and in some access points. In addition, the 2-door interlock is required in some access points.

Because the executives really care about the security issue, they invited 6 system integrators over to present various security solutions and try to get the best solution which can meet their current requirements and can be easily integrated with other systems. After a long procedures of function checks, requirement discussion and solution comparison, they decided to use Hundure elevator control solution HDE-120 + Access Control solution RAC-4600N + Parking control panel HDP-100WS + PXR-13 / 13K readers.

“We are pleased with this solution. It’s amazing the elevator control panel HDE-120 support to control up to 96 floors for each elevator and has the features for connecting with fire detection, emergency button and maintenance button which can be linked to alarm or strobe devices. The system runs very well and very stable. The visitors just go to the floor they should go. It is a very user-friendly and very powerful solution. We pretty like it and will absolutely install it to our other buildings in the near future” Chief technical officer Andy said.

Key features of HDE-120:

- Built-in Ethernet (TCP/IP) & RS-485 interfaces to PC
- 100,000 cardholders
- 30,000 transactions
- Built-in 32 relays for 32 floor control
- Expandable to connect MCU-0016 x 4 to control 64 floors
- Supports to control 96 floors in total for each elevator
- Provides 3 sensor inputs for fire signal detection or maintenance button, out-of-service button and emergency button
- Provides 3 relays for connecting Blacklist / Emergency alarm, maintenance strobe or out-of-service strobe



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