Utilizing Time Attendance Recorder In Health Center Management

Utilizing Time Attendance Recorder In Health Center Management


With more than 15,000 employees, A company is a multinational company known for the world’s best motherboards and high-quality personal computers, monitors, graphics cards, routers and other technology solutions. In order to give the employees better healthcares, the company’s health center needs a system to record and track what services they ask for. For example, the employee may see a doctor or use the blood pressure monitor or ask for band-aid. The health center locates in the headquarters and serves over 2,000 employees. A time attendance recorder with a hundred of duty shift schedules, therefore, is recommended to be utilized in the health center management. The duty shift schedules can be self-defined as employees’ requiring services.

Project Requirements

A device needs to provide the function key settings that are able to include all services which can satisfy the employees’ different needs in health center.

The client needed software to collect all employees’ records regarding their required services in the health center.


Function Descriptions

Self-defining service item functions: Modified the duty shift schedules of HTMS to fit the service items. There are 100 numbers can be used to set the service items. For example, press “1” means the employee asks for a band-aid and press “2” means the employee requires using the blood pressure monitor. The illustration of system flow is as below.

Collect records: Every required service by employee is recorded. All records can be exported as text files. This is easy for staffs to understand the required services by employees, and to adjust and improve the services.
Record inquiry: The staff can search for employee’s service record by date, employee no., name, card no. and department. The search result can be exported as excel file.


After installing HTA-860PM and HTMS, these benefits are created.
Seamless integration: All employees’ basic information can be downloaded to T&A recorder so it is unnecessary to rebuild the employees’ database and issue new cards.
High flexibility: The recorder supports up to 15,000 cardholders and 150,000 card-swipe records so there was no issue about future expansions.



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