A simple and smart HTA-860PEF Time Attendance Recorder makes your workforce management more easily

A simple and smart HTA-860PEF Time Attendance Recorder makes your workforce management more easily

TT university is a renowned and remarkable university which has over 1000 staffs. They encounter problems of dealing with their staffs’ time attendances because they still use the traditional timecard punch machine and manually calculate staffs work hours, leaves and overtime hours. However, there are only 5 of administrative staffs handle all of the staffs’ time attendance records. Thus, this causes 5 of them are terribly busy and have to work overtime every end of the month. They also received other staffs’ complaints about their wrong salaries because they sent the incorrect time attendance records to the accountants.

In order to reduce the administrative staffs’ loadings and costs, make the management more efficient and ensure the correctness of time attendance records, they determined to look for an optimum time attendance system to replace most of manual operations. They require the following functions.

1. Biometric verification feature is a must to eliminate all "buddy punching" but RFID card feature is still required.
2. Reduces staffs’ loadings by minimizing the needs for overtime or weekend work. Also, they would like to receive the benefits from cost saving.
3. Centralized management for all staffs and were able to generate daily/ monthly reports.
4. TCP/IP (Ethernet) interface to PC for an easy management.
5. Easy-to-use system to reduce time spent on manual tasks.
6. Big memory capacity for transaction log storage and for more employees in the future.
7. Holidays settings and other leaves request, including; maternity, paternity, sick leave.... etc.
8. Daily reports, monthly reports, Overtime reports, Leave reports, Work hour reports are required.
9. Reports can be exported in TXT or XSL format for other applications.

Highly recommended from their long-term cooperative supplier, they recognized HUNDURE time attendance solution (HTMS-86 & HTA-860PEF) can solve all of their problems. HTMS-86 was very smart and friendly software that had the features beyond all their requirements if it worked with hardware HTA-860PEF. After the full evaluation, they determined to use HUNDURE HTA-860PEF fingerprint time attendance recorder to computerize their time attendance system and share the staffs’ loadings.

"We are highly satisfied with HUNDURE advanced time attendance solution HTMS-86 and HTA-860PEF time attendance recorder. No more buddy punching must be done and all workforces can be easily and efficiently managed by reducing the staffs’ costs and loadings. I have received no more complaints from our administrative staffs about their overtime works on dealing with lots of time attendance records since we used HUNDURE time attendance system. The problems of incorrect salaries also have been overcome. The investments have been returned shortly by cutting unnecessary overtime work hours as well. Besides, all staffs' time attendance status or work hours can be tracked and controlled easily and accurately. The HUNDURE time attendance solution is a perfect solution." Michael Lee, the head of administrative section said.

Key features of HTA-860PEF:

- Built-in Ethernet (TCP/IP) & RS-485 interfaces
- 22,000 cardholders
- 150,000 events
- 950 fingerprint users (1,900 fingerprint templates)
- Optional 4,750 fingerprint users (9,500 fingerprint templates)
- Simple access control function
- Built-in 1 sensor (for Exit Button)
- Built-in 1 relay (for Lock or Siren)
- Capacitive touch keypad with blue backlight



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