A Time Attendance Recorder Makes Employee’s Dining Management Simple And Easy!!

A Time Attendance Recorder Makes Employee’s Dining Management Simple And Easy!!


Having 400 employees, P company is a famous passive component manufacturer. Because its factory is located in the industrial park, it needs to take about 15 minutes for employees to go to the nearest restaurants. Considering to giving employees the more rest time and a better balance diet, the company decides to provide the lunch. If an employee orders a meal before 9:00 a.m., company only charge half price of per meal and deduct the costs from their salary in the end of month. If an employee has lunch without ordering in advance, he can’t have a discount and has to pay for it by cash.
For these reasons, the company needs a system to help making a dining plan and track which meals their employees have. In addition, its finance department can calculate their wages based on their dining records, so this system must check who orders the meal or who doesn’t order meal. A time attendance recorder with a multiple duty shift schedules, therefore, is recommended to be utilized in the employees’ dining management. The duty shift schedules can be self-defined as meal types, like meat diet, noodle set, and vegetarian food. Besides, the time attendance recorder can check whether this employee has ordered the meals by swiping card as well.

Project Requirements

Two devices need to be installed for this project
- One device needs to provide the function key settings that are able to include all meal types which can satisfy the employees’ different needs in dining. The device also needs to record the employees’ dining date and meals.
- Another device needs to check if this employee has ordered the meal or not when they pick up their meal by swiping their employee card.

- The client needed software to collect all employees’ meal ordering records before 9:00 a.m. every morning and automatically send the daily consolidated meal ordering reports to restaurant. Daily meal ordering records can be also automatically uploaded to the payroll system.


Function Descriptions

- Self-defining meal type item functions: Modified the duty shift schedules of HAMS to fit the meal type items. There are approximately 100 numbers can be used to set the meal items. For example, press “F1” means meat diet, press “F2” means noodle set and press “F3” means vegetarian food.

- Meal ordering functions: Employees can order their meals before 9:00 a.m. by swiping their employees’ card and pressing function keys. e.g. if an employee would like to order vegetarian food for lunch. He needs to press “F3” function key and then swipe his employee card. The illustration of system flow is as below.

- Auto-send meal orders by email functions: The system doesn’t accept the employee orders his meal after 9:00 a.m. The daily meal orders are automatically emailed to the restaurant at 9:00 a.m.

- Dining management: Before receiving his lunch, employee must swipe his employee card to prove if he has ordered his lunch in advance. If he didn’t order his lunch, the indicator will turn red when he swipes his employee card. He has to pay for lunch by cash.

- Auto-generate daily reports: The system can automatically generate daily meal ordering records and upload the records to payroll system every day.

- Collect records: Every employee’s meal is recorded. All records can be exported as text files. This is easy for staffs to understand the required meals by employees, and to adjust and improve the dining management.

- Record inquiry: The staff can search for employee’s dining record by date, employee no., name, card no. and department. The search result can be exported as Excel file.



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