Hundure Visitor Management System

Hundure Visitor Management System


Still using a paper-based visitor management process? Not easy to differentiate between new employees and visitors? Unsure which visitor is still staying at the office while in emergency? If you have one of these problems, you need a Visitor Management System now!

So why visitor management system? With the visitor management system, it can make a positive impression for your visitor, improve the efficiency of your front desk, give your visitor a quality experience, and save time by waiting for appointments.

Hundure Visitor Management System helps you process visitors to increase security. It provides a fast and error-free sign-in/out process. It also can maximize your front-desk efficiency with smart, secure and versatile of visitor check-in/out system.

This system can be pre-registered by the employee, or it can be registered by the visitor on-site, which simplifies the process of manual review and saves waiting time. Completely implementing visitor stay controls and access controls that can avoid potential threats and reduce the chance of accidents. When in emergency, you can immediately know visitors who have not left. The visitor data is easily saved, reviewed and analyzed that can be exported as various statistical reports. It is suitable for general companies, member centers, buildings and factories, or even conference registrations.

The flow of Hundure Visitor Management System.

Project Requirements


- A device needs to provide the functions that can manage the door accesses control according the visitor ‘s visiting schedules.

- A device is able to read the QR Code.


- The client can set the visitor’s access authorizations and visiting timeframe.

- The software needs to provide the functions that employees can register his appointment for his visitor.

- Also this system can generate and send out the access QR Code to the visitors (i.e. verification code) in advance.


Function Descriptions

- Smart pre-registrations: Employee can submit the information of visitors into EVS system. The system will auto-send an Email to the employee and visitor. The information of Email includes meeting date, venue, and visitor details and also QR Code. When the visitor arrives, he only need to scan the QR Code on front desk for the verification and then prints out a visitor card.

- Issue the QR Code: After receiving the new registration, the system will auto-generate QR Code. If the visitor has pre-registered, he receives QR Code by Email in advance. If the visitor registers on-site, the QR Code will be generate after the registration is done.

- Record inquiry: The staff can search for visiting records by date, employee name/department, visitor name and visiting purpose. The search result can be exported as excel file.


After installing visitor management system, these benefits are received.

- Quick and easy visitor sign-in: Effectively manage the arrival of every visitor with automated error-free visitor registration. Hundure visitor management system reduces the workload on front desk staff and saves a lot of time and money.

- Smart and Secure: Record all of visiting information by system. The system allows efficient management of visitor information ensuring on-premise security at workplaces and events.

- Reduce the risk of visitors data disclosure: The system replace of paper sign-in, so all of visitor data is stored in the system. It can prevent the visitor data is copied or seen.

- Easily replace the old visitor paper log: This is the best solution for updating an existing paper-based visitor management process.



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