Hundure PXR-RNMWSK Random Scrambling Reader
PXR-RNMWSK is a high-secure reader because of its intelligent design for keypad. Only the user standing in front of the reader can see the random digits. The PIN won't be detected by onlookers any more!
Hundure PXR-Q1MWS QR Code Access Reader
Simply scanning QR Code with PXR-Q1 QR Code reader to easily obtain access permission.
HUNDURE HTA-871PMF NFC Time Attendance Recorder
Maybe people easily forget their employee badges, but they are not easy to forget their smartphones.
Smartphone is “Access Key”!
A correct time recording of employees is an essential part of the company operation. Using the NFC accepted time attendance recorder, just place your mobile phone and you will be easy and quick to clock in and out.
Hundure PXR-K1 Vandal-Resistant Keypad Reader
The case of PXR-K1 is made of zinc alloy to effectively prevent vandalism. The reader supports IK08 impact resistance and IP65 ingress protection, so it can withstand the tough environment, such as inclement weather conditions, accidental damage and physical attack. It is suitable for occasions that need high security levels such as banks and prisons.
Holiday Notice for 2021 Company Travel (3/3-3/5)! !
We have company outing from 3/3 to 3/5 and will be back to work on 3/8.
If there is any urgent need for assistance, you are also welcome to call us or send us your email, and we will try our best to assist you and get back to you soon.
We apologize for any inconvenience may cause!


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