HUNDURE Touchless Mobile Access Control Series For Your Easy Access!
Happy 2021 Middle-Autumn Festival!
HUNDURE Touchless Mobile Access Control Series ~ NFC Access Controller, Bluetooth Access Controller, QR Code Reader!
PXR-Q3 QR Code reader has fast scanning speed and accurate recognition ability, and can recognize various types of QR Codes shown on mobile phone screens or paper. It is suitable for various application scenarios where the mass people enter and exit frequently.
Hundure PXR-RN Reader - Random Scrambling for High Security
Don't need to worry about the password order being peeped! With a unique viewing angle restriction design for keypad, PXR-RN can prevent peeping, so only a user standing directly in front of the keyboard can see the scrambled digits.
Hundure Smart Two-Door TCP/IP Access Control Solutions
The highest level of access control security!
Controlling 2 doors and 4 readers, the solution is the best 2-door access control solution for bank, prison, computer room and confidential data center! It boosts the access control security by door interlock, dual authentications, anti-passback and duress code alert. Unlocking door with QR Code and Bluetooth authentications via mobile phone that can reduce the costs of physical card issuance.
Hundure HAC-710 Narrow Mullion Standalone Access Controller
Hundure HAC-710 Narrow Mullion Standalone Access Controller is only 4.5cm wide! Its unique slim shape, exquisite appearance and high-sensitivity keys make the controller very suitable for PIN and proximity access applications. The minimalist and compact design of the HAC-710 series is easy to install on the narrow door frame or in the tight space.


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