Hundure RAC-960-V PoE Access Controller Series
Powered by Ethernet, RAC-960-V is powered directly through the network cable without any external power supply. Thus, there is no need for cumbersome power wiring, which not only saves the construction and maintenance costs of equipment power supply, but saves the hardware installation time.
QR Code Access Controller | Hundure | RAC-971-QM
Scan to access! Mobile access facilitates your life!
It supports QRCode and NFC mobile access and suit the environments of the mobile-first workforce. It is ideal for application where mitigate germ spread and limit contact infection risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hundure HAC-710 Strip Mullion Access Controller Series
How narrow is the HAC-710 enclosure? It is only 4.5 cm wide and allowed be perfectly fitted on door frame or in tight spaces!
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