Hundure “Mini” Infrared Exit Button
HPB-C2A "Contactless" Infrared Exit Button – IP65 waterproof and flush mount design, miniature and compact, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation!
Hundure RAC-2400N TCP/IP 4/8/16 Door Control Panel Series
The RAC-2400N series is an extreamly advanced access control system that covers reliability, scalability, flexibility and robust functions to secure the premises. It is available for RAC-2400N-4 (4 doors), RAC-2400N-8 (8 doors) and RAC-2400N-16 (16 doors) control panels which can satisfy the multi-door control needs.
Return to Normal Life After Covid and Get Back to Fingerprinting!
RAC-971F-UV “ULTRAVIOLET” Fingerprint Access Controller - A fully automatic and secure UVC disinfection access controller for an accurate elimination of viruses and bacteria presents on the surface of the fingerprint detective sensor.
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